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July 2017

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RDP Server Maintenance
Saturday 16/07/17 - 06:00pm
finPOWER Connect Hosted environment will be offline for 1 hour for scheduled maintenance.
Please ensure all work is saved and you are logged off prior to this, to avoid any work being lost.
finPOWER Connect Tips
    Below we will be stepping through some features that may make your day more efficient.
    Each month we will cover up to 3 topics so if there is a suggested feature you want more information on, send this through to as with any of your support requests.

    Quick Search
    Searching in finPOWER Connect is as easy as entering in some key letters/numbers associated with an account number, client id, first or last name, contact number and even date of birth. It essentially allows you to search for anything in finPOWER Connect.  After entering in the search item you are looking for, results will display below in the search result section. If the  result is an account or client, it will display key details for that result in the task pane below.


    Custom Bookmarks

    Bookmarking an Account, Client or Workflow is a handy feature. Once record is open, click on the bookmark button on the top right corner to bookmark it. 

    Once bookmarked, it will appear on the under the bookmark tab which is located above the search bar. This feature is useful for Accounts and Clients that are frequently
    User Shortcuts
    finPOWER Connect allows for Users to create shortcuts  which is useful for daily tasks, frequent reports and websites your visit often. A User can add and configure items as their personal shortcuts on the Task Pane Daily processes like running account processes, processing direct debits and exporting bank transactions can also be added.

    Adding and sorting shortcuts
    • Dragging and Dropping: Open the item to be bookmarked and simply drag and drop it within the My Shortcuts list.
    • Right-clicking and adding it: Right click on the Task Pane and click add. Select the item type from task pane Item and click next. After adding a caption and tool-tip, click next and Finish. The item would be added on the task pane.
    For more information on the above, open your help menu in finPOWER Connect by pressing F1 or selecting Help from the Help menu. Help is context sensitive so by pressing F1 in the Form you need help with, the relevant section of Help should be highlighted.
    Quick Search: Search.QuickSearchForm
    User Shortcuts: Orientation.Taskpane.AddingTaskpane.ItemType
    New finPOWER Connect Features
    Did you know that finPOWER Connect has the capability to work with Electronic Signature providers, such as Secured Signing? That’s right, we can update your current documents to support electronic signatures meaning faster and more efficient document returns from your clients decreasing the time between application and approval.
    Want to know more? Contact our Support team for more information on how we can implement this into your current setup.

    1300 789 930

    For more information about the use of Electronic Signatures in the finance industry, visit the below website for more details.
    Ransomware Attacks - NotPetya

    A major cyber attack hit companies in Europe, the Middle East and the US on Tuesday, wreaking havoc for employees and customers alike. 

    The attack caused computers to stop working, instead displaying a ransom note demanding $300. The widespread attack affected global and national organisations including the Ukranian National Bank, British advertising firm WPP and logistics company Maersk. 

    What is ransomware?

    Ransomware is a type of cyber attack that locks all digital files and demands payment in order for them to be returned. Computers that are infected with a ransomware virus become unusable save for displaying a ransom note. 

    It is difficult to recover files from a computer that has been infected with ransomware and victims are often advised not to pay the fee. If they do decide to they are advised that their information may not be returned fully and that it has been compromised. 


    What is Petya ransomware? 

    A variant of the Petya ransomware, which has been around for more than a year, was blamed for Tuesday's global attack. Petya is a vicious form of the virus that locks a computer's hard drive as well as individual files stored on it. It is harder to recover information from computers affected by this ransomware, which can also be used to steal sensitive information.

    Cyber security experts Kaspersky Lab released a conflicting report that said the ransomware was not related to Petya but was in fact a new program it called NotPetya. 

    How to protect yourself from Petya and other ransomware attacks?

    Its always a good idea to be mindful of sites and emails that look foreign, any source asking for details or for you to download something that you are not expecting and bills that don’t look quite right. Also be wary of program updates, if something does not look right, contact your IT support department

    How to protect yourself?

    Once the ransomware infects a machine, it then attempts to spread itself to other PCs on the network. To propagate itself, it will try to steal credentials to gain local admin privileges, attempt to use file-shares to transfer the malicious file between PCs, and then remotely execute the file. The ransomware encrypts entire hard drives and demands a Bitcoin payment of $300 to release them.

    The malware can also spread itself using the EternalBlue exploit for an SMB vulnerability, which was used by WannaCry to spread between machines. The vulnerability was patched by Microsoft in March this year.

    Microsoft recommends applying this security update, but for those who aren't able to, it suggests firms "disable SMBv1 with the steps documented at Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 2696547" and "consider adding a rule on your router or firewall to block incoming SMB traffic on port 445".

    Another workaround for blocking infection by Petya is to create an extensionless, read-only file called perfc in the C:Windows folder, using the steps outlined here.

    Microsoft also provides a detailed a breakdown of commands and network activity that indicate a Petya infection.

    Joke of the Month
    Saving money
    Mother had decided to trim her household budget wherever possible, so instead of having a dress dry-cleaned she washed it by hand. Proud of her savings, she boasted to my father,Just think, Fred, we are five dollars richer because I washed this dress by hand. Good, my dad quickly replied. Wash it again!
    A chemist, an engineer and an economist
    A chemist, an engineer and an economist are stranded on a deserted island. They carry with them some canned food but have no ordinary means of opening the cans. The chemist suggests gathering some wood and starting a fire and then holding the cans over the heat, counting on the expanding contents to burst open the cans. The engineer thinks it would be better to try smashing the cans open with some of the rocks lying around. The economist begins, "Assume we had a can opener...
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