The finPOWER Connect Web Interface is a web application that provides an interface to reproduce some of the functionality available in the finPOWER Connect Windows application. Using this interface, Users, including External Users such as Brokers can view Account and Client information and perform tasks such as adding new quotes and applications, adding logs or producing a quotation.

The Web Interface does not aim to offer the same functionality as the finPOWER Connect Windows application but rather to supplement the functionality and allow remote access to the core, live data via any compatible browser-enabled device. Through this Interface, Brokers and your other important remote Users can:

  • Enquire on the status of an Account
  • Add Log notes to a Client or Account
  • Prepare quick quotes
  • Create and submit a secure quotation or application
  • Action "Task List" items
  • Prepare Payout Quotes

To see the finPOWER Connect Web interface in action click here and login with the User Id / Password of admin / admin

finPOWER COnnect Web Interface